We have the lowdown on how to get the best out of your wooden products. A little TLC will keep your items looking fresh and free from inevitable damage caused by ageing, especially with items that are kept outdoors. So read on to find out how to care for items purchased from us.


Natural wooden products may require light cleaning from time to time. If you've decided it's time to scrub up your pieces, this is best done with a damp cloth and mild soapy water. For deeper cleans you can scrub with a soft brush dipping in a mix of water and detergent. Remember to always scrub in the direction of the wood grain. If you have to remove a stubborn stain. You can do so by lightly sanding and then rinsing the area. For indoor products use a natural wax to clean & shine which gives a durable finish. 


Keeping your products outdoors will require some extra attention whether your product is natural, treated or stained. A little TLC will go a long way to ensuring your items look their best for longer. The best tip we can give you when keeping your products outdoors is to cover up! The best way to stop harsh weather from damaging your products is to use covers when they are not in use. We sell covers for most of our wall bars, but you can also purchase custom outdoor covers readily online. 


Secondly, consider location! Keeping your item out of direct sunlight will do wonders during the hot summer months. However, if you do choose to locate your item in full sun, we do recommend you invest in a wood treatment. For a quick and simple application use wood oil (teak, danish or universal outdoor wood oil treatment) and wipe on or put it in a spray bottle. The quick dry time and easy application of wood oil means you can treat your wood casually and frequently. Alternatively, Decking Oil leaves a much harder finish. This is a great option for sealing in any sneaky splinters, making it perfect for our children's items.


Quick Tip! When applying oil apply two coats and give it a quick sand between the coats for a super smooth finish. Look out for products with UV stabilisers that are water-resistant, and formulas that are harmless to insects and plants.


Another option is to let your products age with Beauty! What better way to get a more beautiful piece than to simply leave it to stand the test of time. Over time, untreated wood will fade, bend, turn silver and grow moss! We can't think of better looking piece than one that looks well-loved, well used and truly eco-friendly.

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